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Deepal Shaw

Deepal shaw,deepal shah deepal shaw
Name : Deepal shaw
Date of birth : 21st February 1986
Profession : Actress, model, singer
Debut movie : Kalyug
Place of birth : Uttar pradesh
Schooling : D.P.Y.A. High School,Dadar
Graduation : from St. Xavier's College ( B.A in psychology )
First album /stage name : Baby Doll
Eye color : black
Hair color : black

Deepal shaw news facts and interviews

Deepal shaw confirms that she is not "shah" and is shaw.As she is from uttar pradesh her second name is shaw and she thinks that using "shah" makes her fans think that she is a Gujarati girl,but she is basically from Uttar pradesh.

For giving her a role in Kalyug (where she acts as a porn star ) with wide opportunity to lift her filmy career Deepal thanks ahesh bhatt and she reveals in an interview that he is more than a godfather to her.

Deepal talks about her co stars

About Kunal khemu her co star in Kalyug.
Kunal & I fight like cats cause we are really close to each other. I love teasing him. He told me that he was tired of the rumors of both of us having an affair & I told him to just enjoy the attention. If people think it is true let them.

About Amrita singh
Amrita Singh is younger than all of us put together. She is so lively and a sweetheart. She has a charming smile and it lights up the entire atmosphere. She is so much fun to be with but at the same time so professional. No other adjective needed - just a great actor

She plays Cricket and basketball.

She participated for the miss india crown and lost it in the final round.Finally she is another girl from modelling into bollywood.

She is much famous for her scholl girl dresses as she has appeared in school girl dresses in most of her album songs.

She was linked to Randeep hooda in the past for her close friendly moves,and now there is nothing big in news related to them.

Deepal was disturbed by the incident when in the late night she was harassed by three men who instead of helping with her car's broken tyre thought of taking a chance.

Chiranjeevi - The megastar

Chiranjeevi Chiranjeevi

Birth Name : Konidela Siva Sankara Vara Prasad
Screen name : Chiranjeevi
Date of birth : 22nd August 1955
Place of birth : Mogalthur
Favourite comedian : charlie chaplin
Favourite singer : S.P Balasubramanyan.
Father: Venkat Rao
Anjani Devi
Highest award recieved : Padma Bhushan (2006)
Wife: Surekha
Son : Ram Charan Teja
Daughters : Sushmita ,Srija.
College he studied in : Sharma Junior College
Degree in commerce from Y N College
Did diploma in filming : at chennai
Debut movie : Manavoori Pandavulu.
First big hit : Khaidi
fondly called as :Megastar,Annayya
Brothers : Pawan kalyan, nagendra babu
Chiranjeevi charitable trust Address:

Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust,
6-3-345/16, Hindi Nagar, PanjaGutta,
Hyderabad - 500 034,
Telephone: (040)-335 3114,

Height : 5' 9"
Eye color : Black
Hair color : Black

Interesting facts about chiranjeevi

Here is quote by Chiranjeevi, his words for his fans about conduct.
Admiration is not to decorate the cutouts with blood or to fight with other fans. But to help the needy, living life again by donating eyes after death is what I call genuine admiration of a fan.

Chiranjeevi towards society

    Chiranjeevi has opened a Charitable Foundation in the year 1998 to help needed people.

    Chiranjeevi charitable foundation collects blood and eyes. CCF is one of the biggest blood bank in Andhra Pradesh and has recieved award for being a leading blood bank in Andhra Pradesh.

    60,000 plus people have donated their blood to chiranjeevi charitable Foundation. and has given vision to more than 1000 ( 1500 as on may 2006 ).

    Chiranjeevi charitable trust supplies blood for free to the poor people, chiranjeevi has continued his social works with his Foundation and through his movies.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Copy right and related issues

    We reserve some copy rights for the work we have done,as some dates and data (date of births,father,mother..) are same for everyone you can use them on your blog/site. But imitating our style of presentation or projecting our view as yours will be illegal.

    If you think your work has been copied without proper credit to it,> please inform us . if you think we have used your copyright protected images, artistic work or any kind of content please do inform us,we will take them off if its illegal to have them on our blog.

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Bobby Deol

Bobby deolBobby deol
Birth Name : Vijay Singh Deol
Screen Name : Bobby Deol
Date of birth : 27th january 1967
Height : 6' 1"
Debut movie : Dharam veer
Debut movie as a hero : Barsaat
Spouse : Tanya Deol
Mother name : Prakash Kaur
Father name : Dharmendra
Brother : Sunny Deol
Step mother : Hema Malini
Sisters : Esha Deol, Ahana Deol
Children : Aryaman (2001) , Dharam (2004)
Zodiac sign : Pisces
Favourite food : Home food
Place of birth : Mumbai
Hair color : Black
Eye color : Black
Had affairs with : Pooja bhat,Neelam
Favourite place : His farm house

Bobby Deol in news and facts
It feels nice to hear how much my dad is loved even now. And we as his children will always have to live in his shadow. I feel no progeny can outdo their parents' achievements, just like no fruit can grow bigger than the trees that bears it.

Films aren't exactly the be-all and end-all of my life. I am more of a family man and I prefer spending more time with my wife Tanya, instead of doing the run-of-the-mill stuff.

# Dharmendra produced debut movies for both of his sons,Inspite of Dharmendra's efforts for his son Bobby ,the movie failed but Bobby recieved appreciation for his acting in the form of price he won.

# After some rash exchange of words with Kareena kapoor on the sets of Ajnabee, bobby seems to have decided not to act with kareena again, he refused the offer by Mani Ratnam for that reason.

# Bobby Deol's Gupt is the best film he has acted in where he acted with Kajol and Manisha koirala both of whom were in a lot of demand that time.

# Bobby's Apne with his father Dharmendra and brother Sunny Deol is one of the new things that one has done bringing three heroes from the same family on screen.Apne got much of publicity for this fact.

# Bobby likes to have Romantic roles than choosing kinda serious roles.He might be thinking of showing his glamaour enough before he goes old.But a kind of serious roles of bobby have own him appreciation as an actor.

# Bobby always had moment breaking hits after his chain of failures,thpugh his movies often fail at box office he is considered as hot for his looks and style by his fans.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Bhumika chawla | bhoomika (boomika) chawla.

bhumika chawla

Bhumika chawla

Birth Name: Rachna chawla
Name: Bhoomika chawla (Bhumika chawla -most used).
Nick Name: Guddiya
Date of birth:21st august 1978
Place of birth: Delhi,
Height: 5' 3"
Telugu Debut : Yuvakudu
Boyfriend: Bharat Thakur
Hindi debut : Tere naam
Favourite color: White and black
commercial ads : Ponds
Favourite actor: Salman khan
Mother's name : Bali
Brother: She has an elder brother who is in army
sister: She has a sister who is elder to her
Father: Colonel A S
commercial ads : Ponds

Bhumika chawla boyfriend-marriage
Bhumika chawla has a rich boyfriend in Bharat Thakur,like some other bollywood gals (Riya,preity..) bhumika is in love with a sound party.They were in love from long time and on 25th this october they are going marry in mumbai.She has wish to act in movies even after marriage.Bharath seems not to have any objections.

Bhumika chawla bits

# Bhumika chawla wants to be a director,after acting in quite a good number of movies she has decided to direct her own movie.She will be directing her movie soon as she gets a good script.

# There is a fake mms scandal video of bhumika being circulated over the internet.

# While acting with salman khan for Tere naam ,she used to call him "Bhai".Salman after hearing hearing the brother word for sometime told her not to calll him "Bhai",she was acting as his lady in the movie and as she was calling him bhai that might has made salman furious.

# While shooting with Abhishek for Run she had a scene where she had to oppose Abhishek's proposal for love,but when Abhishek said I love you she became shy and couldn't continue her dialogues.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Nandamuri Balakrishna telugu actor

Nandamuri balakrishna Nandamuri balakrishna
Balakrishna Nandamuri Biography

Name: Nandamuri Balakrishna
Date of birth: 10th June 1960
Father: N.T. Rama Rao
Profession: Telugu Actor (Tollywood)
Nickname: NBK ,nandamuri,balayya,yuvaratna
Spouse: Vasundhara devi (married in 1982)
Place of birth:Chennai
Son: Tarakarama Mokshagna teja (1994)
Daughters: Brahmini (1097),tejaswini (1989).
Brothers: RamaKrishna, HariKrishna, SaiKrishna, JayaKrishna,MohanaKrishna,JayaShankar Krishna
Sisters: Lokeswari,Uma Maheswari, Bhuvaneswari & Purndhareswari
Debut movie: Tatamma Kala

Bits about Balakrishna

# Balakrishna had double hatrick in the year 1986,he had all the 6 of his movies released in the year 1986 celebrate 100 days.Th e movies were Muddula Krishnayya, Anasuyamma Gaari Alludu, Kaliyuga Krishnudu ,Desoddarakudu, Apoorva Sahodarulu and Seetharama Kalyanam.

# Balakrishna was lucky and talented enough to become his father's successor.In the year 1993 he had only two movies into his account and both of which were released on the same day,and surprisingly both of them became the hits.His caliber as hero to have two of his movies of the season to release on the same day is surprising,and legendary.

# Balakrishna was accused of shooting at the producer Suresh and Satyanarayana Choudary at his jubilee hills residence.But later Suresh took case off the court.Balakrishna's fans went on strike in support of him,thats the craze he had created during 90's.

# Balakrishna's movies Narasimha Naidu and Samarasimha Reddy celebrated 100 days in 105 and 73 theatres.These records are the rae ones one could see in south indian cinemas,they do well but these records are awesome.

#Balakrishna has good relationship with the politician Chandra babu Naidu.Balakrishna's daughter Brahmini married Naidu's son Lokesh

Balakrishna's love towards society

# He has concern towards the society and has shown his love towards the society and people by joining hands with "Hrudaya foundation" and cure a Little heart foundation.

# He donated 3 lakh rupees for the help of Tsunami victims.

# He donated artificial limb kit to the patients of Birrd hospital at Tirupati.

# He is successfully looking after The NTR charitable trust which was named after his father and stretching his helping hands all the side.

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Kajol (Mukherjee) Devgan

Kajol mukherjee Pictures' video

Kajol mukherjee Biography
Name : Kajol mukherjee Devgan
Spouse : Ajay Devgan
Date of birth: 5th August 1975
Place of birth: Mumbai
Debut movie: Bekhudi of 1992
First hit movie: Baazigar with Shahrukh khan
Onstage appearences : Kaun banega karorpati with Ajay Devgan,as a judge for indian idol.
Married ajay Devgan on : 24th february 1999
Daughter : Nysa (2003)
Kajol 's sister : Tanisha Mukherjee

Kajol and Shahrukh khan
Kajol and Shahrukh khan made the most successful onscreen pair in bollywood after Amitabh bachchan-rekha,amitabh-jaya badhuri.Even though they have acted together in few movies they had 100% success together,They have acted together in Baazigar,DDLJ,KKHH,KKKG

which were all the biggest hits of their respective years of releases and also the most memorable movies of bollywood.Kajol has made guest appearences in some of the shahrukh's movies like Kabhi alvida na kehna,Kal ho na ho.They were called "the couple of decade".

Karan johar has tried to bring these to onscreen in the past and now his next movie will be having Kajol and Srk together.His next movie is based on the life the role 'khan' in US.Karan says that his new movie will be drawing some of the social aspects in.

Kajol and Ajay Devgan
Kajol and Ajay devgan are the famous couples both onscreen and off the screen.They have acted together in Nihata,Ishq,Hulchul,Pyar to hona hi tha,Raju chacha.. Their movies didn't do well at the box office but the pair got cosideration as the good onscreen pair.

While they were shooting together they had time to know each other and finally got into marriage in 1999.They have a daughter named Nysa who was born in 2003.Kajol and Ajay seem to have no problems with her filmy comeback after marriage as she had a movie Fanaa with Aamir khan.

They can be seen together in the new cartoon moviee Toonpur ka super hero.Ajay's directorial debut U me Aur tum will be having kajol and Ajay in pair again.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Aarti Chabria ( Chhabria )

Aarti chabria Aarti chhabria

Aarti chabriya biography

Name:Aarti Chabria
Date of birth:21st november 1982
Music Videos she appeared:

Sukhvinder's nasha hi nasha ,Adnan sami's Tera Chehera

Debut movie:Lajja
Languages known:English ,Hindi, Marathi,sindhi,gujarathi
Height:5' 5"
Hair color:Black ( brown )
Highest award:Miss India 2000
Proffesion:Actress and model
Favourite Actors:Abhishek bachchan,shahrukh
Famous ads she appeared in:Krack cream,Liril , Amul,

News n facts

# Aarti chabria has got handful of work after Shootout at lokhandwala became hit,where she played a bar dancer/Tusshar kapoor's girlfriend's role.

# Aarti is lucky enough to act in Indian version of "kill bill" which will be made by Janardhan Maharishi.

# Aarti rode a honda activa while going to the shooting spot in Goa,Huh!.She reveals that she has a desire to ride heavy bikes like Pulsar or hayabusa.She may not become successful in riding pulsar, they say "Its definitely male".

# Aarti chhabria was scared by pranky Dino morea
While Aarti,dino ,koena and minissha lamba were shooting for the movie anamika,in the evening when aarti was going to her room,she heard some voice targetted at her,she heard someone knocking her room's door,when she went to open the door,again the sound came but this time from the cupboard,and that was Dino morea hiding in her cupboard and this was the story of Dino morea scaring Aarti chhabria.

# Though Tumse accha kaun hai is her first movie with a prominent role,she has even acted before that in the movie Lajja.

Aarti chabria in interviews and quotations

# When she was asked to say about her reel life
"I acted as a farex baby when i was 3 yrs old,in ads like Clean & Clear,amul.I did some music videos with sukhbinder singh and Adnan sami before entering bollywood."

# When asked if she had some tough time.
Yes,like every other star i had no work to do some time ,but now i do some prominent roles to do.

# About govinda: "I have always liked Govinda. He is very entertaining and ...".

# "Apart frm the normal ideas of drinking lot water and sleeping a lot , what I think is a true beauty secret is being happy.

# About her dress and fashion:
"I would never wear somthn just because somebody said it suits me, I would only wear it if I felt comfortable in it, so I would be confident about carrying it off."

# For aarti Hrithik roshan is the most hot actor of bollywood.

# Aarti about her man: "He should love me for who I am. My man should respect women overall and me. He should be courteous and polite with people from every walk of society and must have a good sense of humour.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Amrita Arora

Amrita Arora Amrita Arora

Amrita Arora's Biography

# Date of birth:31st January 1978
# Place : Bombay
# Linked to :Kevin Otter, Upen
Patel ,Ashmit Patel,Usman Afzaal.
# Sister:Malaika Arora
# Debut movie: Kitne door kitne paas .
# Height: 5' 5"
# Ads she has appeared in :Ponds,Elle 18, After
Smoke, Sunsilk fruitamins.
# Graduation from:Jai Hind College,mumbai

# Though she was famous as a video jockey in Mtv she couldn't make a big career in bollywood.She had flop movies in rows which failed one after other.

# Amrita's movies where she has got small or unnoticable roles such as Mujse shaadi karogi , Awara Paagal Deewana and heyy baby made some decent money at the box office.

# Though kareena kapoor is one of her competitors in bollywood,She is a good friend of Kareena kapoor.

# Amrita's movie Girlfriend directed by Karan razdan , which was released in the year 2004 created enough controversy to make Amrita a noticable charecter in bollywood.Amrita opposite Isha koppikar formed a good pair of girls on screen.

# She appeared in Karan johar's show "koffee with karan" in the 20thepisode along with her sister Malaika arora.

# Amrita Arora's movie Red where she acted along with Aftab shivdasani and celina jaitley made news before the release because of Amrita aftab and celina all three appearing inside the bath tub and due to the much stretched sex scene.Finally red failed to make money at the box office inspite of all those efforts by Director vikram bhatt .

# Amrita Arora's favourite actors are Brad pitt and Tom cruise .

# She was one of those bollywood celebrities who attended shahrukh's Worldcup final show at shahrukh's home,along with her sister.

# Shahrukh's Om shanthi om will be featuring 30 plus stars of bollywood,where most of the actresses can be seen in a single song.Amrita arora has shared the screen for that song along with Rani,kajol,preity,shilpa.

# Amrita Rao doesn,t like puppies but she hates someone hurting them.

jenna jameson

jenna jameson
# Jenna jameson is an american actress born on 9th April 1974,Las vegas,Nevada.Her Dad is a police officer and her mom who was a dancer died in 1976 when Jenna was just 2 year old.

# She started to act in the movies to take revenge against her boyfriend jack who left her in the year 1996.Her film career started in the year 1993.

# She underwent surgery twice to enhance her performance and career. They she had implantation before, She removed her implantation recently.

# Jenna wrote her autobiography and was released on August 17th 2004.It was co written with Neil Strauss,Her Autobiography was published by Regan publishers.This book became one of the best sellers of the year 2004,it was translated into german and spanish in 2005 and 2006 ,You can imagine how famous she was when the book was released.

# She has won more than 40 awards for her movies.She started a Entertainment company along with Jay Grdina in the year 2000 and it was named club jenna, their website clubjenna.com is still a part of their company .

# Jenna married Brad armstrong on December 20, 1996 and divorced him in March 2001.In 2003 she married Jay Grdina,now they are apart.And now Tito Ortiz is her man.

# Jenna jameson's myspace profile ( http://myspace.com/jennajameson ) and jennajameson.com , the official website and her blog on myspace (http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.ListAll&friendID=14030326) of hers are the online spots where you can her online.
# Jenna jameson's wiki page ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jenna_Jameson ) is the biggest page of information one could find on jenna and is complete in the context of content.

# Here is a quote by jenna
"I try my hardest to push the point that I am a feminist. I really think it's important that people know that the women in this industry are empowered. They run it, man. It's awesome."
-Jenna Jameson

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Anushka shetty telugu actress

Anushka shetty

# Anushka shetty (screen name) , sweety shetty(real name) is a mangalorean ,she did her schooling in bagalore (Mount Carmel College ) .She was born in 1981

# She has learned yoga from famous Yoga Guru Bharat Thakur .

# She has a bachelors degree in Computers (BCA) from Bangalore university.As she is a mangalorean her mother tongue is Tulu.You all may know that another mangalore girl Aishwarya rai's mother tongue is also Tulu.

# Another interesting hobby of hers is to collect news articles of all natural disasters,quotes and poems.

# She has acted in Tamil (kollywood) and telugu (tollywood) movies.Her debuts were rendu and super respectively in tamil and telugu against madhavan and Nagarjun.Most of her movies are hits.

# Stalin,vikramarkudu,super were the big hits she has acted in.

# "great andhra" say that she is searching for a flat in Jubilee Hills to stay in Hyderabad. She may be having plans to stay in Hyderabad.

# She doesn't like partying and a kind family girl.She is different where most of the heroines who are from rich background like partying.

# She was introduced to the telugu film by puri jagannath through another director "E Nivas" of shool fame.

# She likes Madhuri dixit,kajol,rani mukherji and sushmit sen among actresses and abhishek bachchan among actors.In an interview she said that she is being compared with kareena kapooor by her fans.

# She has respect for her costars... Below is what she says about her fellow stars.

"He made me completely comfortable. He goes out of his way to pull you out.
I learnt the ‘believe in yourself’ attitude from him. He asked me to come to set
and observe how shooting is going on even when shots involving me were not being
shot. I used to be there on location everyday. It helped me a lot to understand
what teamwork is all about"....About Nagarjun

" He is a very dedicated actor. His mind is always on the work. He is
very chilled, at the same time very focused. It’s very comfortable for me to
work with such people."..About Ravi teja

Anushka's Videos, photos and wallpapers and resources on net

# Watch Anushka shetty's videos on youtube .
# Anushka's photos on flickr .
# Download Anushka's wallpapers on Sulekha
# Wikipedia has some content about her.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Celina jaitley

Celina jaitley

# Celina jaitley is a bollywood actress and model,She was born in kabul afghanistan but was brought up in India.She was born to an Afghani mother and an Indian father.

# Celina's brother is in Indian army and her father was working in Indian armyShe wanted herself to be one in the army andd was preparing for combined defence services examinations. Bravery seems to be in her blood.Isn't she bold...??? She too.

# She won miss india competition in the year 2001 and in the same year she went on to miss universe competition where she ended as a finalist.

# She has won numerous awards than for her film career like Miss margo beautiful skin,mtv award and indiatimes' surfers' choice award etc.

# Celina moved out of Atul agnihotri's movie "hello" due to problems.Zayed khan too moved out of the movie for the same reason.

# She has a nickname "chinki".Lets wish chinki all the best for her upcoming movies and for her future.

# She served the Gujarat earthquake hit children at Lilavati hospital mumbai.She used to give them chocolates..!? yes chocolates.

# She has got a degree from Indira gandhi open university.

# She has been voted as the bollywood's sexiest actress through a live poll conducted by Zee news,reports say that she got around 40 percent of the total votes cast amidst the tough competition from Sherlyn chopra,koena mitra.

# Celina and amrita arora shared bath tub along with aftab in the movie red.

# While celina jaitleywas in New zealand an indian couple met her and told her that they love her more than mallika sherawat.(Hasn't this boosted her esteem..?)

# A painter from kolkotta named wasim kapoor gave celina a gift of her life time.He gave celina her own painting.She was painted to be in traditional dress and she looked awesome.The painter instead of earning lakhs of rupees selling that gifted that to celina ,celina inturn has decided to hang it the drawing room.

# Celina admits that she can never go bad against her family,she says that she won't marry her love (doesn't have any yet) against her family,she likes to a girl loved by family.

# Along with her busy schedule she is practicing dance.This kind of dedication will definitely take her to the heights she deserve.

# She has no contoversies or mms like most other bollywood actresses,even that has become the news nowadays.

# She agreed that fardeen khan and herself have good online chemistry and she thinks she will make a better pair with Hrithik roshan as both have light eyes and good height.

# She rates herself as the 8th best actress and what she said in her own words is this...

"I rate myself 8 as an actor...but everybody doesn't share the same viewpoint."

# She had a boyfriend by name Sean,she revealed that in an interview.I dont know exactly if just thats his name or not.

# celina jaitley recently gave poses to maxim online magazine.Maxim seems to love her as they have took her poses twice.

# Celina jaitley and Aftab shivdasani's passionate kiss for their movie red made her lips bleed.She seem to be getting much involved in the story

# She is a brand ambassador for PETA,bollywood actresses are in love with PETA this year,so is celina.

# Celina is acting in an international movie.She has got a chance to act in a New zealand movie "Love has no language".

# Bollywood mantra reports her behavior with the airport manager.Dark side of the celebrities may be that they think too much about themselves and sometimes lose their wit.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Deepti Bhatnagar

Deepti bhatnagar deepti bhatnagar

# Deepti Bhatnagar is searched more on net for her appearence in the movie Operation cobra.Her appearance in this english movie is the most rememberable role she has got.

# Deepthi bhatnagar is an actress from uttar prqdesh India.She is a well known model and tv star.Even though she didn't make it big on silver screen she is well known to tv freaks.

# Deepthi was crowned Eves Weekly's Miss India contest in 1990, that gave her a much needed exposure to the mainstream media.

# She represented India in the Miss World contest and finally ended up with the 5th place.

# She had a handicrafts factory in meerut and while searching for a good agency to promote her factory she got into the modeling industry,she first campaigned for Roopmilan saries later got 12 more oppertunities in ad industry.

# She has acted in more than 10 movies in Hindi and telugu,Even though she had 10+ movies her charecters in movies went unnoticed but as a tv serial star she is more live on tv even today.

# She got married to Randeep Arya and she started a production company in her name (Deepti Bhatnagar Productions)with her husband.

# She produced some tv shows like Musafir Hoon Yaaron, Yatra,Kabhi Aaye Na Judaai for star plus.

# Deepti Bhatnagar has plans to launch another show by name Shaadi street based on an american tv show.

# She loves to travel and has travelled more than 80 countries during her travel guide show .

Friday, August 31, 2007

Ramya kannada actress

ramya Ramya

# Ramya is a notable actress in south india and is one off the prominent actresses of kannada film industry,she is been acting in telugu and tamil movies too.

# She was born on 29th november 1981 in bangalore.Her real name is Divya Spandana.She was named as ramya during her first movie abhi.

# She studied at St.Josephs College of Commerce, Bangalore.

# She has acted in more than 20 movies (more than 15 in kannada+more than 5 in tamil).And the most interesting facts are that she has got higher success ratio in south india and she has acted with the prominent actresses of south india like Arjun,surya,dhanush,puneet rajkumar,dhyan,upendra,sudeep,darshan ,silambarasan.

# Her movie Julie where she acted with dino morea was a failure but she shew that even south indian actresses can be as spicy as bollywood actresses.

# She has acted with Amitabh bachchan in Amrita dhaare, she has appeared in the first movie that Big B has acted in kannada or any other south indian movie.

# I read it on my fellow blog that she has her own orkut profile (nofake).You might know that most of the bollywood actresses have orkut or myspace profiles and they use those networking sites regularly.

# One of her fan has the biggest photo gallery of hers on googlepages ,check it out.

# Good number of Ramya's videos are there on Youtube.Check them all.

Charmi kaur ( charmy,charmme)

Charmme kaurCharmi kaur

Charmi kaur also called as charmy kaur or charmme kaur is a prominent south indian actress and is well based in tollywood (telugu film industry.) even though was born in punjab and hailed from vasai , mumbai

# She was born on may 17th 1987,she is still an young actress but has raised to good heights in a competitive film industry like tollywood.She has already starred against most of the famous stars of tollywood.

# She acted acting as a housewife at her age of 13..??Yes that was her beginning.Most of the actresses start their acting career after their 20 but charmi has reached certain height before her twenty.She has already acted with south indian stars like nagarjun,venkatesh,prabhas,siddarth.

# Her movies like nee thodu kavali,Sri Anjaneyam,Pournami were all flops but she is "charmy" and she won more and more chances even after her initial failures.

# her movies lakshmi,style,rakhi,gowri were all hits at box office.Even though her name is famously used as charmi ,she likes herself to be called as charmme.

# She has acted in Tamil,telugu and malayalam and has already won an award for her movie in telugu.

# When she was 13,a model coordinator saw her walking on road and asked her to become a model,she was told to attend the shooting where she changed her mind to become an actress after seeing hrithik roshan abhishek bachchan and kareena kapoor on sets.
# What do charmi thinks of as her positives...??
"Positive thinking and confidence " she thinks her negetive points will be "her love to chocolates and her moodiness" .

# Charmi's dreamrole is to act in 20 roles in a single movie.She revealed her dream of life in an interview with indlebrain.com.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Amrita Rao pictures and facts

Amrita RaoAmrita Rao

Amrita Rao Biography

Name : Amrita Rao
Date of birth:June 17th 1981
Father’s name:Deepak Rao
Height: 5 feet
Debut movie : Ab ke Baras
First Noticable appearance :Ishq vishq
Eye color: black
Hair color: black
Languages known:English ,hindi,marathi and konkani
Place of birth: chitrapur
sister (twin sister): Preeta.

Ads she appeared in : Fairever Face Cream, Close up, Clean n Clear Face Wash ,Nikhar Soap,Pantene Hair Wash ,Nestle Bru Coffee ,Cadbury’s Perk Chocolates ,Wringly Chewing Gum ,Parachute Hair Oil,Domino’s Pizza ,Fena Detergent ,HMT Watches ,Allukas Jewellery,3 Roses ,Coke ,Pepsi

Studied in :Sophiya college (psychology)
Zodiac sign:Gemini
Email address: fanmail@amrita-rao.com

Amrita Rao facts and news

# Amrita Rao is the only bollywood actress after Madhuri dixit to be painted by M.F.Hussain .he painted her pictures of the movie vivah.

# In an interview Amrita reveals that Aamir khan and Hrithik Roshan have got greater looks in bollywood than others.

# Heracting in Vivah of sooraj barjatya won her the most valued awards in bollywood and the appreciation that she deserves.

# What do Amrita think about her marriage..??

“I wish my partner to treat me more as a friend than his wife; the one who is ready to share in our good and bad days. However, I won’t like him to interfere too much in my life and try to dominate over me.”

# Amrita is a attending classical music classes before her career started in bollywood and she wishes to sing her own movie songs if the producers permit her to do so.

# Her quotes

“Well, marriages are made in heaven. God has destined us to pair with someone. I shall be married too like any other person. I am fully conscious of it.”

“I won’t mind exposing on the demand of the script.”

“I’m choosy because you have to see to believe what kind of scripts filmmakers come up with - they are hilariously silly! I can’t imagine from where they think of such stories; at times like that, you almost feel that Hindi cinema hasn’t moved for decades. Out of so many that I hear, there might be only one or two worth considering. There’s no choice but to be choosy.”

# Medias have kept the rumours of her relationship with Shahid kapoor or nikhil dwivedi even though she opposes and denies them firmly.

# Amrita Rao and Esha deol’s fight on the sets of pyaare mohan seems to be the only clash she ever fought in bollywood.

# She missed the role played by priyanka chopra in krrish,She was replaced as she obviously seem younger to Hrithik Roshan.

Mallika sherawat

mallika sherawatMallika sherawat

# Mallika sherawat was born on October 24, 1981 at Rohtak and her birth name was Reema lamba.After completing her graduation she married pilot karan singh gill and they divorced after an year.

# She changed her name to Mallika sherawat in gratitude to all the help by her mom.Mallika thinks herself as a queen and Sherawat was her mother's maiden name so finally the word Mallika sherawat was coined.

# Mallika made her debut in bollywood ina blod way through a movie which had 17 smooching scenes,this was the first movie of bollywood to have so many smooches.

# Her role in murder was her future's stepping stone and its leading her to the golry.Her role was the first of its kind played by any actress in bollywood.Mallika has made many firsts in bollywood.

# She is the first bollywood actress who was asked to pose for playboy.(There are many actresses who are beautiful than her but she is bold and not just in showing off but also in worlds.)However she didn't pose for playboy,she might has afraid of losing her decent fans.

# She is the first Indian actress to act with Jackie chan.Her movie "The myth" with jackie chan was a hit.

# Mallika's appearance in the tv commercial ad for 7up was a kind of fun but it performed well in attracting customers.

# She is the most paid bollywood item girl.She recieved 1.5 crores for her role in Aapka suroor.She has got a small role in the movie but prominent.

# She has been voted as one of the asia's 100 most beautiful people by the hong kong based fashion magazine cover.

# Mallika's maxim cover photoshoot 2007 january is the most searched maxim scan online.You can find some of those pics on imagevenue. use the keywords "mallika sherawat maxim scan january 2007" for better results in google.

# Her chances down south are also increasing and in Dashavataram she has got a role to play against south indian legend Kamal hasaan.

# Mallika sherawat fake mms video clip created much of nuissanse and the mumbai police gave a notice to sherawat to clear some facts about the video clip.It has been long since that fake clip was released but still "mallika sherawat mms clip download" is the more searched keyword.

# Mallika won the tough competition to get into the hollywood movie unveiled,Aishwarya rai,shilpa shetty were also in the line to get into unveiled.

Kareena Kapoor

kareena ka poor kareena kapoor

# Kareena Kapoor was born on 21st september 1980 as a daughter to Randhir kapoor and babita.Her parents who were inspired by the anna karenina charecter kept her name as Kareena .

# She was supposed to play the role of Amisha patel in kaho naa pyar hai, kareena was their first option for the movie but due to some reasons kareena walked out of rakesh roshan's project .

# The best performance of kareena came through Chameli and her acting in omkara recieved critical appreciation.

# Kareena was caught in a mobile phone camera while she was kissing shahid kapoor in a hotel. She first denied that the pics and mms clips were their's but later conceded.Kareena kapoor and shahid kapoor kissing mms clip was uploaded by the users of youtube and metacafe and was available online till sometime before this.

Kareena's unbroken relationship with shahid kapoor through the years makes her distinct from the rest of bollywood dolls who keep on changing their sweethearts.

# Kareena reveals the secret of her well built curvy body in her own words as
"I have been very serious about my workouts, my body and fitness. I doubt I have ever been so fit, and now that I've reached this stage of fitness, I don't want to let go and give up. It's a hard toil all the way. But I am generally very happy now - everything seems to be working out right for me."

# Kareena is the brand ambassador of Kareena diamond citizen watches,a latest release of citizen watches.She seems to be the first bollywood babe to have a product named after her name.She posed quite happily for the product.

# Quotes by kareena kapoor
I still hate putting on make-up. I crib all the time when my face is being done up. And I still yell and crib when Manish (Malhotra)makes me try on outfits. I hate dressing up. I'm happy in my salwar-kameez.

Yeah, I'm getting my price. Producers are even willing to pay me more than what I ask. But unfortunately, I can't do every film. So I have to turn down offers. (Laughs) Chalo, at least this way others get work.

what do kareena think about her love shahid and amrita rao's onscreen chemistry..?
Shahid and Amrita (Rao) make a good onscreen pair

# Kareena never boarded a train..?? yes.While shooting for Imtiaz ali's movie with Shahid kapoor she had to jump into the moving train by catching shahid's hand, she did that scene herself after few rehersals.

# Kareena is practicing yoga to keep her mind fit,she was already working out in gyms and now yoga too.

# Kareena has rejected the roles of leading lady to be played against Abhishek bachchan who broke with her sister after engagement.She might be doing this in support of her sister.

# Kareena kapoor hates to continue the other love pairs of bollywood Aishwarya Rai and abhishek bachchan ,john abraham and bipasha basu.Shahid mentions that she dislikes john abrahim .

# In a pole conducted by PETA ,Kareena kapoor has been voted as the cutest vegetarian.
# She will be doing her first film with Ram Gopal Verma in coming days against shahrukh khan.

Reshma malayalam (mallu) actress

Reshma malayalam, telugu actress Reshma hot and sexy malayalam actress

# Reshma is one of the leading actresses of malayalam industry and she ranks second among all the top searched malayalam actresses (petly called mallu babes).She is next to none other than shakeela the most searched actress of south india.(top searched mallu girl)

# Reshma is gettin chances in all the major filmlands of south india.She has already acted in Malayalam ,tamil and telugu movies . She is famous as she is cute than her competitors and not even fatty.

# Even though Reshma's movies are for the matured ones she is ahead of other leading malayalam actresses and tv stars like kavya madhavan, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , had tough competiton with reshma in past.

# She has acted in more than 25 movies including her movies in other languages than malayalam,and the number is still growing.

# Reshma's movie chilakamma with shakeela was a hit. Reshma shakeela pair became famous after that movie.

# Some of the better videos of reshma are uploded by the fans to youtube.To view her videos that are uploaded to youtube search site:youtube.com reshma in google. Even metacafe will be a better choice. There are some other major sites like masalaguru.com which have reshma's videos , for family safe videos youtube is preferable as it has family filter.

# She doesn't have any proper fan page or site.Top site in her name like Reshma.com and reshma4u are not written about her.If you know any descent fan page of reshma then feel free to comment the link to that site.