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Nandamuri Balakrishna telugu actor

Nandamuri balakrishna Nandamuri balakrishna
Balakrishna Nandamuri Biography

Name: Nandamuri Balakrishna
Date of birth: 10th June 1960
Father: N.T. Rama Rao
Profession: Telugu Actor (Tollywood)
Nickname: NBK ,nandamuri,balayya,yuvaratna
Spouse: Vasundhara devi (married in 1982)
Place of birth:Chennai
Son: Tarakarama Mokshagna teja (1994)
Daughters: Brahmini (1097),tejaswini (1989).
Brothers: RamaKrishna, HariKrishna, SaiKrishna, JayaKrishna,MohanaKrishna,JayaShankar Krishna
Sisters: Lokeswari,Uma Maheswari, Bhuvaneswari & Purndhareswari
Debut movie: Tatamma Kala

Bits about Balakrishna

# Balakrishna had double hatrick in the year 1986,he had all the 6 of his movies released in the year 1986 celebrate 100 days.Th e movies were Muddula Krishnayya, Anasuyamma Gaari Alludu, Kaliyuga Krishnudu ,Desoddarakudu, Apoorva Sahodarulu and Seetharama Kalyanam.

# Balakrishna was lucky and talented enough to become his father's successor.In the year 1993 he had only two movies into his account and both of which were released on the same day,and surprisingly both of them became the hits.His caliber as hero to have two of his movies of the season to release on the same day is surprising,and legendary.

# Balakrishna was accused of shooting at the producer Suresh and Satyanarayana Choudary at his jubilee hills residence.But later Suresh took case off the court.Balakrishna's fans went on strike in support of him,thats the craze he had created during 90's.

# Balakrishna's movies Narasimha Naidu and Samarasimha Reddy celebrated 100 days in 105 and 73 theatres.These records are the rae ones one could see in south indian cinemas,they do well but these records are awesome.

#Balakrishna has good relationship with the politician Chandra babu Naidu.Balakrishna's daughter Brahmini married Naidu's son Lokesh

Balakrishna's love towards society

# He has concern towards the society and has shown his love towards the society and people by joining hands with "Hrudaya foundation" and cure a Little heart foundation.

# He donated 3 lakh rupees for the help of Tsunami victims.

# He donated artificial limb kit to the patients of Birrd hospital at Tirupati.

# He is successfully looking after The NTR charitable trust which was named after his father and stretching his helping hands all the side.

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