Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Bhumika chawla | bhoomika (boomika) chawla.

bhumika chawla

Bhumika chawla

Birth Name: Rachna chawla
Name: Bhoomika chawla (Bhumika chawla -most used).
Nick Name: Guddiya
Date of birth:21st august 1978
Place of birth: Delhi,
Height: 5' 3"
Telugu Debut : Yuvakudu
Boyfriend: Bharat Thakur
Hindi debut : Tere naam
Favourite color: White and black
commercial ads : Ponds
Favourite actor: Salman khan
Mother's name : Bali
Brother: She has an elder brother who is in army
sister: She has a sister who is elder to her
Father: Colonel A S
commercial ads : Ponds

Bhumika chawla boyfriend-marriage
Bhumika chawla has a rich boyfriend in Bharat Thakur,like some other bollywood gals (Riya,preity..) bhumika is in love with a sound party.They were in love from long time and on 25th this october they are going marry in mumbai.She has wish to act in movies even after marriage.Bharath seems not to have any objections.

Bhumika chawla bits

# Bhumika chawla wants to be a director,after acting in quite a good number of movies she has decided to direct her own movie.She will be directing her movie soon as she gets a good script.

# There is a fake mms scandal video of bhumika being circulated over the internet.

# While acting with salman khan for Tere naam ,she used to call him "Bhai".Salman after hearing hearing the brother word for sometime told her not to calll him "Bhai",she was acting as his lady in the movie and as she was calling him bhai that might has made salman furious.

# While shooting with Abhishek for Run she had a scene where she had to oppose Abhishek's proposal for love,but when Abhishek said I love you she became shy and couldn't continue her dialogues.

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