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Ramya kannada actress

ramya Ramya

# Ramya is a notable actress in south india and is one off the prominent actresses of kannada film industry,she is been acting in telugu and tamil movies too.

# She was born on 29th november 1981 in bangalore.Her real name is Divya Spandana.She was named as ramya during her first movie abhi.

# She studied at St.Josephs College of Commerce, Bangalore.

# She has acted in more than 20 movies (more than 15 in kannada+more than 5 in tamil).And the most interesting facts are that she has got higher success ratio in south india and she has acted with the prominent actresses of south india like Arjun,surya,dhanush,puneet rajkumar,dhyan,upendra,sudeep,darshan ,silambarasan.

# Her movie Julie where she acted with dino morea was a failure but she shew that even south indian actresses can be as spicy as bollywood actresses.

# She has acted with Amitabh bachchan in Amrita dhaare, she has appeared in the first movie that Big B has acted in kannada or any other south indian movie.

# I read it on my fellow blog that she has her own orkut profile (nofake).You might know that most of the bollywood actresses have orkut or myspace profiles and they use those networking sites regularly.

# One of her fan has the biggest photo gallery of hers on googlepages ,check it out.

# Good number of Ramya's videos are there on Youtube.Check them all.

Charmi kaur ( charmy,charmme)

Charmme kaurCharmi kaur

Charmi kaur also called as charmy kaur or charmme kaur is a prominent south indian actress and is well based in tollywood (telugu film industry.) even though was born in punjab and hailed from vasai , mumbai

# She was born on may 17th 1987,she is still an young actress but has raised to good heights in a competitive film industry like tollywood.She has already starred against most of the famous stars of tollywood.

# She acted acting as a housewife at her age of 13..??Yes that was her beginning.Most of the actresses start their acting career after their 20 but charmi has reached certain height before her twenty.She has already acted with south indian stars like nagarjun,venkatesh,prabhas,siddarth.

# Her movies like nee thodu kavali,Sri Anjaneyam,Pournami were all flops but she is "charmy" and she won more and more chances even after her initial failures.

# her movies lakshmi,style,rakhi,gowri were all hits at box office.Even though her name is famously used as charmi ,she likes herself to be called as charmme.

# She has acted in Tamil,telugu and malayalam and has already won an award for her movie in telugu.

# When she was 13,a model coordinator saw her walking on road and asked her to become a model,she was told to attend the shooting where she changed her mind to become an actress after seeing hrithik roshan abhishek bachchan and kareena kapoor on sets.
# What do charmi thinks of as her positives...??
"Positive thinking and confidence " she thinks her negetive points will be "her love to chocolates and her moodiness" .

# Charmi's dreamrole is to act in 20 roles in a single movie.She revealed her dream of life in an interview with

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Amrita Rao pictures and facts

Amrita RaoAmrita Rao

Amrita Rao Biography

Name : Amrita Rao
Date of birth:June 17th 1981
Father’s name:Deepak Rao
Height: 5 feet
Debut movie : Ab ke Baras
First Noticable appearance :Ishq vishq
Eye color: black
Hair color: black
Languages known:English ,hindi,marathi and konkani
Place of birth: chitrapur
sister (twin sister): Preeta.

Ads she appeared in : Fairever Face Cream, Close up, Clean n Clear Face Wash ,Nikhar Soap,Pantene Hair Wash ,Nestle Bru Coffee ,Cadbury’s Perk Chocolates ,Wringly Chewing Gum ,Parachute Hair Oil,Domino’s Pizza ,Fena Detergent ,HMT Watches ,Allukas Jewellery,3 Roses ,Coke ,Pepsi

Studied in :Sophiya college (psychology)
Zodiac sign:Gemini
Email address:

Amrita Rao facts and news

# Amrita Rao is the only bollywood actress after Madhuri dixit to be painted by M.F.Hussain .he painted her pictures of the movie vivah.

# In an interview Amrita reveals that Aamir khan and Hrithik Roshan have got greater looks in bollywood than others.

# Heracting in Vivah of sooraj barjatya won her the most valued awards in bollywood and the appreciation that she deserves.

# What do Amrita think about her marriage..??

“I wish my partner to treat me more as a friend than his wife; the one who is ready to share in our good and bad days. However, I won’t like him to interfere too much in my life and try to dominate over me.”

# Amrita is a attending classical music classes before her career started in bollywood and she wishes to sing her own movie songs if the producers permit her to do so.

# Her quotes

“Well, marriages are made in heaven. God has destined us to pair with someone. I shall be married too like any other person. I am fully conscious of it.”

“I won’t mind exposing on the demand of the script.”

“I’m choosy because you have to see to believe what kind of scripts filmmakers come up with - they are hilariously silly! I can’t imagine from where they think of such stories; at times like that, you almost feel that Hindi cinema hasn’t moved for decades. Out of so many that I hear, there might be only one or two worth considering. There’s no choice but to be choosy.”

# Medias have kept the rumours of her relationship with Shahid kapoor or nikhil dwivedi even though she opposes and denies them firmly.

# Amrita Rao and Esha deol’s fight on the sets of pyaare mohan seems to be the only clash she ever fought in bollywood.

# She missed the role played by priyanka chopra in krrish,She was replaced as she obviously seem younger to Hrithik Roshan.

Mallika sherawat

mallika sherawatMallika sherawat

# Mallika sherawat was born on October 24, 1981 at Rohtak and her birth name was Reema lamba.After completing her graduation she married pilot karan singh gill and they divorced after an year.

# She changed her name to Mallika sherawat in gratitude to all the help by her mom.Mallika thinks herself as a queen and Sherawat was her mother's maiden name so finally the word Mallika sherawat was coined.

# Mallika made her debut in bollywood ina blod way through a movie which had 17 smooching scenes,this was the first movie of bollywood to have so many smooches.

# Her role in murder was her future's stepping stone and its leading her to the golry.Her role was the first of its kind played by any actress in bollywood.Mallika has made many firsts in bollywood.

# She is the first bollywood actress who was asked to pose for playboy.(There are many actresses who are beautiful than her but she is bold and not just in showing off but also in worlds.)However she didn't pose for playboy,she might has afraid of losing her decent fans.

# She is the first Indian actress to act with Jackie chan.Her movie "The myth" with jackie chan was a hit.

# Mallika's appearance in the tv commercial ad for 7up was a kind of fun but it performed well in attracting customers.

# She is the most paid bollywood item girl.She recieved 1.5 crores for her role in Aapka suroor.She has got a small role in the movie but prominent.

# She has been voted as one of the asia's 100 most beautiful people by the hong kong based fashion magazine cover.

# Mallika's maxim cover photoshoot 2007 january is the most searched maxim scan online.You can find some of those pics on imagevenue. use the keywords "mallika sherawat maxim scan january 2007" for better results in google.

# Her chances down south are also increasing and in Dashavataram she has got a role to play against south indian legend Kamal hasaan.

# Mallika sherawat fake mms video clip created much of nuissanse and the mumbai police gave a notice to sherawat to clear some facts about the video clip.It has been long since that fake clip was released but still "mallika sherawat mms clip download" is the more searched keyword.

# Mallika won the tough competition to get into the hollywood movie unveiled,Aishwarya rai,shilpa shetty were also in the line to get into unveiled.

Kareena Kapoor

kareena ka poor kareena kapoor

# Kareena Kapoor was born on 21st september 1980 as a daughter to Randhir kapoor and babita.Her parents who were inspired by the anna karenina charecter kept her name as Kareena .

# She was supposed to play the role of Amisha patel in kaho naa pyar hai, kareena was their first option for the movie but due to some reasons kareena walked out of rakesh roshan's project .

# The best performance of kareena came through Chameli and her acting in omkara recieved critical appreciation.

# Kareena was caught in a mobile phone camera while she was kissing shahid kapoor in a hotel. She first denied that the pics and mms clips were their's but later conceded.Kareena kapoor and shahid kapoor kissing mms clip was uploaded by the users of youtube and metacafe and was available online till sometime before this.

Kareena's unbroken relationship with shahid kapoor through the years makes her distinct from the rest of bollywood dolls who keep on changing their sweethearts.

# Kareena reveals the secret of her well built curvy body in her own words as
"I have been very serious about my workouts, my body and fitness. I doubt I have ever been so fit, and now that I've reached this stage of fitness, I don't want to let go and give up. It's a hard toil all the way. But I am generally very happy now - everything seems to be working out right for me."

# Kareena is the brand ambassador of Kareena diamond citizen watches,a latest release of citizen watches.She seems to be the first bollywood babe to have a product named after her name.She posed quite happily for the product.

# Quotes by kareena kapoor
I still hate putting on make-up. I crib all the time when my face is being done up. And I still yell and crib when Manish (Malhotra)makes me try on outfits. I hate dressing up. I'm happy in my salwar-kameez.

Yeah, I'm getting my price. Producers are even willing to pay me more than what I ask. But unfortunately, I can't do every film. So I have to turn down offers. (Laughs) Chalo, at least this way others get work.

what do kareena think about her love shahid and amrita rao's onscreen chemistry..?
Shahid and Amrita (Rao) make a good onscreen pair

# Kareena never boarded a train..?? yes.While shooting for Imtiaz ali's movie with Shahid kapoor she had to jump into the moving train by catching shahid's hand, she did that scene herself after few rehersals.

# Kareena is practicing yoga to keep her mind fit,she was already working out in gyms and now yoga too.

# Kareena has rejected the roles of leading lady to be played against Abhishek bachchan who broke with her sister after engagement.She might be doing this in support of her sister.

# Kareena kapoor hates to continue the other love pairs of bollywood Aishwarya Rai and abhishek bachchan ,john abraham and bipasha basu.Shahid mentions that she dislikes john abrahim .

# In a pole conducted by PETA ,Kareena kapoor has been voted as the cutest vegetarian.
# She will be doing her first film with Ram Gopal Verma in coming days against shahrukh khan.

Reshma malayalam (mallu) actress

Reshma malayalam, telugu actress Reshma hot and sexy malayalam actress

# Reshma is one of the leading actresses of malayalam industry and she ranks second among all the top searched malayalam actresses (petly called mallu babes).She is next to none other than shakeela the most searched actress of south india.(top searched mallu girl)

# Reshma is gettin chances in all the major filmlands of south india.She has already acted in Malayalam ,tamil and telugu movies . She is famous as she is cute than her competitors and not even fatty.

# Even though Reshma's movies are for the matured ones she is ahead of other leading malayalam actresses and tv stars like kavya madhavan, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , had tough competiton with reshma in past.

# She has acted in more than 25 movies including her movies in other languages than malayalam,and the number is still growing.

# Reshma's movie chilakamma with shakeela was a hit. Reshma shakeela pair became famous after that movie.

# Some of the better videos of reshma are uploded by the fans to youtube.To view her videos that are uploaded to youtube search reshma in google. Even metacafe will be a better choice. There are some other major sites like which have reshma's videos , for family safe videos youtube is preferable as it has family filter.

# She doesn't have any proper fan page or site.Top site in her name like and reshma4u are not written about her.If you know any descent fan page of reshma then feel free to comment the link to that site.