Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Kareena Kapoor

kareena ka poor kareena kapoor

# Kareena Kapoor was born on 21st september 1980 as a daughter to Randhir kapoor and babita.Her parents who were inspired by the anna karenina charecter kept her name as Kareena .

# She was supposed to play the role of Amisha patel in kaho naa pyar hai, kareena was their first option for the movie but due to some reasons kareena walked out of rakesh roshan's project .

# The best performance of kareena came through Chameli and her acting in omkara recieved critical appreciation.

# Kareena was caught in a mobile phone camera while she was kissing shahid kapoor in a hotel. She first denied that the pics and mms clips were their's but later conceded.Kareena kapoor and shahid kapoor kissing mms clip was uploaded by the users of youtube and metacafe and was available online till sometime before this.

Kareena's unbroken relationship with shahid kapoor through the years makes her distinct from the rest of bollywood dolls who keep on changing their sweethearts.

# Kareena reveals the secret of her well built curvy body in her own words as
"I have been very serious about my workouts, my body and fitness. I doubt I have ever been so fit, and now that I've reached this stage of fitness, I don't want to let go and give up. It's a hard toil all the way. But I am generally very happy now - everything seems to be working out right for me."

# Kareena is the brand ambassador of Kareena diamond citizen watches,a latest release of citizen watches.She seems to be the first bollywood babe to have a product named after her name.She posed quite happily for the product.

# Quotes by kareena kapoor
I still hate putting on make-up. I crib all the time when my face is being done up. And I still yell and crib when Manish (Malhotra)makes me try on outfits. I hate dressing up. I'm happy in my salwar-kameez.

Yeah, I'm getting my price. Producers are even willing to pay me more than what I ask. But unfortunately, I can't do every film. So I have to turn down offers. (Laughs) Chalo, at least this way others get work.

what do kareena think about her love shahid and amrita rao's onscreen chemistry..?
Shahid and Amrita (Rao) make a good onscreen pair

# Kareena never boarded a train..?? yes.While shooting for Imtiaz ali's movie with Shahid kapoor she had to jump into the moving train by catching shahid's hand, she did that scene herself after few rehersals.

# Kareena is practicing yoga to keep her mind fit,she was already working out in gyms and now yoga too.

# Kareena has rejected the roles of leading lady to be played against Abhishek bachchan who broke with her sister after engagement.She might be doing this in support of her sister.

# Kareena kapoor hates to continue the other love pairs of bollywood Aishwarya Rai and abhishek bachchan ,john abraham and bipasha basu.Shahid mentions that she dislikes john abrahim .

# In a pole conducted by PETA ,Kareena kapoor has been voted as the cutest vegetarian.
# She will be doing her first film with Ram Gopal Verma in coming days against shahrukh khan.

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