Friday, September 28, 2007

jenna jameson

jenna jameson
# Jenna jameson is an american actress born on 9th April 1974,Las vegas,Nevada.Her Dad is a police officer and her mom who was a dancer died in 1976 when Jenna was just 2 year old.

# She started to act in the movies to take revenge against her boyfriend jack who left her in the year 1996.Her film career started in the year 1993.

# She underwent surgery twice to enhance her performance and career. They she had implantation before, She removed her implantation recently.

# Jenna wrote her autobiography and was released on August 17th 2004.It was co written with Neil Strauss,Her Autobiography was published by Regan publishers.This book became one of the best sellers of the year 2004,it was translated into german and spanish in 2005 and 2006 ,You can imagine how famous she was when the book was released.

# She has won more than 40 awards for her movies.She started a Entertainment company along with Jay Grdina in the year 2000 and it was named club jenna, their website is still a part of their company .

# Jenna married Brad armstrong on December 20, 1996 and divorced him in March 2001.In 2003 she married Jay Grdina,now they are apart.And now Tito Ortiz is her man.

# Jenna jameson's myspace profile ( ) and , the official website and her blog on myspace ( of hers are the online spots where you can her online.
# Jenna jameson's wiki page ( ) is the biggest page of information one could find on jenna and is complete in the context of content.

# Here is a quote by jenna
"I try my hardest to push the point that I am a feminist. I really think it's important that people know that the women in this industry are empowered. They run it, man. It's awesome."
-Jenna Jameson

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